Applying for your Future

Welcome to our FAST and EASY online application. It takes only about 20 minutes to complete our online application and you’re on your way to owning a home. Additional information may be required on an individual basis. Your loan officer will assist you if necessary.
If you’re ready to complete a full loan application, read the instructions below and start filling out the online form.

All data is encrypted and sent to a SECURE SERVER to protect your privacy. To learn more please visit Fairway’s Privacy Policy.

If after reading the Privacy Policy you still feel more comfortable talking to someone instead of filling out the online application, please call (608) 834-1333 to set an appointment with one of our professional Loan Officers. Feel free to check out our Fairway Team.

Before you start filling out the Online Loan Application form please take a few moments to gather up the following information:

• Bank Account Balances
• Employment for the past 2 years
• Other asset accounts (retirement, auto, etc).

Completing and submitting the form should take approximately 20 minutes. Please have available all the necessary information about you and your spouse before you begin this process: Employment & income information for two years; bank account information including balances; credit card balances; auto loan information and payment amount; rental property information; mortgage loan information including name, account number, and monthly payment.

Once you complete the application your confidential information will be captured at a secured web site, encrypted, and then automatically transmitted to us via electronic mail. One of our Mortgage Professionals will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your various options.

Please fill out the Online Loan Application as completely as possible in order to expedite the processing of your mortgage. The online application consists of the following 9 sections:

• Property Information (if available)
• Borrower Information
• Co-Borrower Information
• Borrower Employment Information
• Co-Borrower Employment Information
• Monthly Income and Combined Housing expenses
• Assets
• Liabilities
• Declarations

You do NOT have to complete your entire application at once. When you start the form you will be assigned a PIN number. You may stop at any time and come back later and log in with your PIN number to complete your online application.
Before beginning your application, enter your name and select the loan officer you are working with below so that your application can be handled properly. If you are not currently working with one of our loan officers, you may select anyone by visiting our Fairway Team.